What is an Indian Head Massage and why should you have one?

indian head massage therapy in loughton
indian head massage therapy in loughton


One of the many holistic massage therapy services that I provide is an Indian Head Massage. I’m always getting asked questions about how effective this type of therapy is, how it works and what are the benefits of having an Indian head massage – and so I thought I’d write a micro Blog post to tell you all about it!

What is an Indian head massage?

Indian Head Massage is an ancient holistic massage therapy that has been practiced for thousands of years. This deep massage therapy treatment aids both physical and mental wellness by focusing on massaging acupressure points along the head, neck, shoulders, face, arms and upper back – using various techniques that include circular massage strokes, stretching and deep tissue massage.

What to expect when you have your first Indian Head Massage.

An Indian Head Massage session starts with an initial deep tissue massage of your shoulder blades and shoulders. This is the area where you’ll often experience the most stress and tension.

The massage is then continued onto your neck, alleviating any concentrated pain and tension that you may be feeling in your neck muscles.

Lastly, the acupressure points along your scalp will be gently massaged before the treatment is finished with a soothing facial massage on your forehead, around your eyes and your cheekbones.

You can expect a typical Indian Head Massage session to last approximately 30 minutes, although the session time will obviously increase when combined with other massage treatments.

What are the benefits of having an Indian Head Massage?

This is the question that I get asked the most! There are many physical and mental wellness benefits that are associated with Indian Head Massage Therapy treatment. These include:

Headache and migraine prevention – An Indian Head Massage help to release the muscle tension and stiffness in the shoulder and neck areas, in addition to improving the blood circulation to your head.

Eye strain prevention – An Indian Head Massage can help to ease your eye strain by relaxing the muscles around your eye sockets and your temple.

Reduce stress and anxiety – Any type of massage therapy is a highly relaxing experience that will help to greatly reduce your stress and anxiety levels. It can also help to improve your memory and your concentration levels by focusing your mind and alleviating mental tiredness by releasing endorphins.

Encourages hair growth – In Indian Head Massage will help to stimulate the hair follicles and increase Oxygen flow that can help to improve hair growth and texture. This is achieved by massaging the acupressure points along your scalp.

Improves circulation – A deep tissue neck massage will improve the circulation of the cerebral spinal fluid and stimulates lymphatic drainage that aids your immune system.

Improve your sleep patterns – By reducing your muscle tension and making you feel generally more relaxed, a regular Indian Head Massage can help to reduce insomnia and encourage more regular sleep patterns.

Reduced sinus problems – Massaging the pressure points around your check bone area will help to sooth your sinuses, which can also help to reduce headaches!

Thanks for reading my Blog post!

I hope that the above information is enough to give you a basic understanding of Indian head massage therapy and its many benefits. If you have any further questions, then don’t hesitate to submit your queries in the comments section below.

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